Why invest in local SEO?

If you’re an established local business with a website, you might think that Google will automatically list your website on the first page when people search for the service you provide in your area. SEO celebrity Greg Gifford uses simple maths to explain why it isn’t necessarily that straight forward, and that you will usually have to pay for SEO to achieve this kind of visibility in the organic search results.

Taking the example of a car dealership in Sheffield, let’s assume there are 22 dealerships within the main city. There are 17 spots available on the first Google results page if we count the organic listings and the map pack. However, since the recent Pigeon update, there are a lot more directories listed, so that leaves 11 or 12 possible slots.

22 dealers – 12 spots = 10 dealers that won’t be listed on page one, just within lesser Sheffield…

But, you will obviously want to target the larger metropolitan area – Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, and the other satellite towns – to increase your reach. This will perhaps increase the number of dealerships five-fold.

22 dealers x 5 = 110 dealers

110 dealers – 12 spots = 98 dealers that won’t be listed on page one in the greater metropolitan area

If you want to beat the multitude of competitors all fighting for a strong position on page one, you simply must ensure that your website is SEO optimised. That means you must have great content, you must have an excellent user experience, your site must be easily navigable by the Google bot, you must be active on social media and you must be getting great reviews.

In addition to all of this, for local businesses, you must ensure your site is optimised for local SEO. Here are some quick tips:

·      These days link building for local SEO is a totally different game to traditional link building in which you target sites with high domain authority. For local SEO, low domain authority local sites are gold.

·      Ensure your NAP (name, address and phone number) are listed on every page

·      Get a local phone number

·      Put your city name in your title tag, H1 headings, content, URL, alt text and meta description


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