When to book your holiday

When is the best time to book your summer holiday? 


It might not have felt like it in recent weeks, but British summertime is fast approaching, and for many of us this means long-awaited summer holidays.

But when is the best time to book your trip?

Adobe has compiled a study based on millions of visits and transactions on some of the major travel websites to find out how to save money on your holiday by booking at the right time.

For international flights, booking 60 days before means an average discount of 17%. If you’re looking to get away in August therefore, now is on average the cheapest time to book your flights!

This was calculated by working out the price fluctuations for each day leading up to departure dates of millions of flight purchases.   

Similarly, a 15% discount can be expected if you book an economy hotel 40 days before your arrival. 30 days prior to travelling is the best time to book other hotels, with a 2.5% discount on average.

The study also revealed that for the first time, more consumers are booking their trips from smartphones rather than tablets.  As more of us are not just researching but also purchasing on our mobiles, travel is yet another industry whereby it is more important than ever for companies to be mobile-friendly.

Contact us today for advice on how to make sure you are offering your customer a great online mobile experience, and happy holidays this summer! Until then, keep an umbrella by the door…