Turn TV ad views to site visits

Dual screening is hugely popular. 90% of consumers engage with a second screen while watching TV and UK adults switch devices on average 21 times within an hour of turning on the box. This means aligning search and TV advertising is a must.

Commercials can drive large search spikes as users turn to their phones and tablets to find out more about a particular TV ad. In fact, two-thirds of smartphowners use their device to learn more about something they saw in a TV commercial.

As a result, your TV ads can be measured and optimised whilst working alongside a search campaign to successfully drive brand awareness and site visits.

So, if you want to draw visitors to your site with a TV ad, make sure your ad clearly displays either a URL or a call to action in the form of a desired search term, as in the Admiral example below: 

You might think this is pretty obvious stuff but last year Econsultancy revealed how a number of big brands such as Android and Bet365 were failing to align TV and search because of unclear URLs and weak search campaigns.  You can read more on their blog.

Align your ad copy and landing page with your television ads to create a smooth experience for the user. Own the PPC landscape around your brand so that it is as easy as possible for customers to choose your ad find out what they’re after, whether it be product information, prices or reviews.

Proper budget management for your brand campaigns is key here. You need to make sure your PPC ads aren’t limited by budget by the time your TV ad airs in the evening, as this would switch off your search campaign before the TV ads come on. Why spend all that money on a TV ad only to have your competitor take the click?

Finally, measure the success of your TV ads by looking for search spikes when your ad is shown. Brand search uplift can be used together with traditional reporting to help further understand the impact your TV ads are having.

For help aligning search with TV advertising, please get in touch.