3 tips to social media success

Mr Porter, Kurt Geiger and Matches are reputed for being among the most socially engaged premium multi-brand fashion retailers operating today.

We’ve had a look at some of the ways in which these companies and others achieve a socially engaged brand image via social media:

High-quality posts & content

The visual-heavy nature of social media lends itself perfectly to the fashion industry and Matches’ blog ‘The Style Report’ showcases this beautifully. 

The weekly blog features relevant high-end content on an aesthetic and functional page, delivering top-tips and the latest news in fashion, beauty and travel. An especially nice touch here is the way in which relevant products are listed halfway down the page to facilitate user experience.

Matches also ins the award for best Pinterest page, with its striking imagery and unique board names.

With the majority of Pinterest users being women and Matches being a more female brand, it really is a Match made in heaven… Tenuous puns aside, this is a clever example of incorporating demographics into an online strategy.

Outside of fashion, travel and style magazine Cereal has a noteworthy Instagram page composed of beautiful high-quality images that share the same color theme to lend a sense of brand identity. 

Topics that appeal to user demographic

Something all the top brands do especially well is frequently post unrelated content that their fans and followers are likely to engage with/share. This is a great way to demonstrate a good understanding of your consumer.

Mr Porter’s blog, The Journal for example, which strikes the right tone and has great imagery throughout, did a brilliant crash course on how to taste wine.

The video was also posted to their YouTube page and now has over 100k views.

Men’s designer clothing retailer, Oki-Ni, collaborates with DJs, artists and producers to create its weekly MIX SERIES

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 12.41.02.png

With over 200 mixes, the series features a spectrum of collabs from well-established artists such as Andy Weatherall to up-and-coming acts like Rhye. The mixes are uploaded to Mixcloud and Soundcloud as well as the website.

Cross promotion

Sharing posts across multiple social media channels in this way is something Kurt Geiger does to great effect.

Their image-heavy blog ‘Everything But The Dress’, written in the first-person by a fictional character, has its own Pinterest board and is promoted on Instagram with #EverythingButTheDress.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 14.03.33.png
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 14.05.11.png

By cross promoting, Kurt Geiger displays a high level of consistency across all social media platforms so that the correct brand image is conveyed wherever the customer goes.

Mr Porter, Kurt Geiger and Matches come out on top because they bring the best out of each social channel through a cohesive and coherent social media strategy. A high level of consistency in tone and visuals is key particularly in fashion, but all of the above can be applied to your business to help develop a unique identity online.

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