My week with w digital - Rachael's work experience

As my first year at the University of Sussex studying History and Sociology drew to a close (and a very long summer was fast approaching), I thought it a good idea to begin looking around for any work experience that could give me an early head start into the marketing industry. Scanning my university careers page, I decided to apply for w digital as the company seemed the most most relevant to what I was looking for, local and, as a fashion addict, I loved that a number of their clients were clothing brands.

I really enjoyed my week of work shadowing. It was so interesting to learn about all of the different aspects that go into creating the best ad possible for a company, as well as the importance of tailoring marketing campaigns to attract the most profitable audience.

It was quite challenging to wrap my head around the whole process at first, but the team were so friendly and answered any questions that I had. 

The second half of the week also helped to put everything into perspective. On Wednesday,  along with the rest of the team I attended meeting with Powder White with the rest of the team, which definitely gave me an insight into what clients expect from agencies and how important attention to every possible detail is to attract new customers.

On Thursday I also had some ad copy training from Theo and was able to start working on some ads in Excel, which I really enjoyed- mainly because of the creativity it allowed. 

Of course, all of this hard work required some play. On Thursday afternoon, we had a client picnic in Regent’s Park, which despite the British summertime, was really fun and a great way to end my work shadowing.

Overall, my time at w digital provided me with an insightful and hands on experience of how the world of digital marketing works. All of the knowledge I have gained here will definitely be a helpful stepping stone towards my future career.