How w digital clients fare vs. a Magento sample

Screen Pages recently released ecommerce benchmark data from a portfolio of niche brand websites that use the ecommerce platform, Magento. The data includes statistics regarding visitor sources and behaviour, conversions for retail ecommerce websites for October 2014.

In aggregate, the report tracked the behaviour of over 1.2 million website visitors, placing 41,000+ orders and spending over £3 million. Retailers whose data was benchmarked include Atterley Road, Bella di Notte, Christopher Ward, Loake, Micro-Scooters, Van Dal, Rio Beauty, Force 4, The RSPB and This Works.

Standout figures

  • Overall conversion rate averages at 3.31%, but with a marked divergence when analysed by source of traffic.
  • Engagement (as measured by bounce rates) shows a large gap between home pages (which get a lot of marketing attention) and all other pages: 22% versus 41%. This is also true for the w digital client portfolio where bounce rates were 37% on average for homepages, and all other pages 19%.
  • Email (when executed well) performs extremely well, converting at 4.85%. Some retailers in the Magento portfolio do not use email effectively or are unable to track it properly. Four from the sample received >20% of their traffic from email, with three retailers enjoying conversion rates from email of over 8%.
  • The second highest converting traffic source was organic search, followed by paid search.
  • Email also worked very well for the w digital client portfolio, coming in as the highest converting traffic source at 2.43%, followed by paid search which converted at 1.82%.

w digital client portfolio uplift

  • 8% rise in order values.
  • 6% rise in percentage of visits from organic search traffic.
  • 38% rise in percentage of visits from paid search traffic.
  • 14% rise in visits from direct traffic, which could in part be attributed to paid search increasing brand awareness.
  • Bounce rates are 10% lower than the Magento sample average.
  • Paid search bounce rates are 39% lower than the Magento sample average.

We are very pleased to be able to use this benchmark data to see that overall, our portfolio is out-performing such a large sample, improving consistently and in several cases, above the sample data average.

If you would like to enjoy similar improvements to your ecommerce please get in touch!