LinkedIn Introduce University Rankings

LinkedIn have cottoned on to the priorities of their younger, university-bound clients by utilising the career data of its 300m+ professionals to create their own University Rankings.

This is smart move for the American company; no doubt looking to build its fastest growing user group of young customers by aiming to persuade them to begin building their professional networks early on.

Increasing tuition fees have encouraged both students and parents to place more emphasis on the end result. LinkedIn contributes to variety of existing resources for a generation increasingly concerned with the cost and value of a university degree.  For students, LinkedIn can help to answer their most important question: which university is going to give me the best opportunity of landing a job when I graduate?

LinkedIn has leveraged its dataset to infer the rate at which graduates from different institutions land and retain employment at the most desirable companies. To identify the most coveted positions and companies LinkedIn measured the flow of its members from one company to another, with companies attracting the most employees from competitors rising in rank.

The rankings are interesting and highlight universities that applicants may not have considered but cannot guarantee a graduate from one university is more employable than their counterpart from another.

Whether this new information is taken with a pinch of salt, or used as bible, LinkedIn and its new University Rankings are undoubtedly great tools for students and graduates; offering networking opportunities and insight on the paths they need to forge to develop their own careers.

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