Instagram welcomes small advertisers

Companies of all sizes will soon be allowed to advertise on Instagram, one of the world’s leading platforms in mobile photo sharing.

The organisation revealed this week its plans to offer advertisers access to a community of over 300 million monthly users, signifying a huge opportunity for brands looking to reach out to a wider target audience.

Instagram has previously experimented with a selection of large brands such as L’Oreal, John Lewis and Cadbury, but now wants to expand its advertising service to all marketers.   

Facebook advertisers will recognise the interface

Acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram plans to integrate with Facebook’s ad interface, meaning advertisers will be able to purchase ads in a similar way to how they do now with Facebook. Demographic and interest-based targeting options will similarly be available, and Instagram has hinted at retargeting and more in depth ways to reach custom audiences. Select partners will also be able to manage and track their campaigns programmatically through an Application Program Interface (API).

Combining Instagram and Facebook campaigns will therefore become an extremely effective way for companies to build awareness around their brand. 

Will adverts impact user experience?

Nevertheless, Instagram does not want an increased number of adverts to damage user experience. To date, Instagram has only worked with a select number of super brands to ensure high-quality ads appear on user’s streams. This seems to have been successful so far, with no major complaints. Instagram remains by far the fastest growing social media site in 2015.

It is critical that as more brands aim to monetise via the platform, Instagram continues to protect the user experience. Ads will need to contain high-quality content that is in line with the Insta style. Instagram is not Facebook; it is unique in its singular focus on captivating imagery.  Ads will need to contain photos that speak a thousand words in order for businesses to successfully engage the relevant target audience. 

Be one step ahead

Now is the time to get ahead of the game and to start thinking about how Instagram can work for you as an effective platform to advertise your brand. 

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