Instagram Ads Update

It took three and a half years to come to fruition, but we have been advised by Facebook that businesses can start advertising on Instagram from the 30th September.

After users in core markets proved loyal despite having ads injected in their feeds, all 300 million users will now see ads. And instead of only working with big brands, Instagram is opening up ads to businesses of all sizes.

As well as image ads and 30-second video ads, Instagram is also luring advertisers from a wider array of industries with improved CTAs including travel, entertainment, commerce and retail. After testing “Shop Now”, “Install Now, “Sign Up” and “Learn More” options, these direct response format that can link outside of Instagram will open to all advertisers.

All these formats and placements will now be available through Facebook’s self-serve ad interface, Ads API, and Power Editor, which allow extremely granular interest and demographic targeting.

To prove the ads work, Instagram cites some examples:

  • Gilt Group’s campaign drove an 85% increase in app installs

  • Furniture retailer saw a 10% increase in order value versus its benchmark

  • Game developer Kabam was able to acquire users who played longer and spent more

If this is something you are interested in trialling, as a new advertising channel, we would recommend testing some image/ video variations, targeting criteria and strategies in order to establish what will work best in the longer-term to meet your marketing objectives.

If you are interested in discussing how this could benefit your business, please feel free to get in touch.