How to create shareable Facebook posts

Social media expert Brian Carter has joined forces with Marketo to put together an ebook explaining what people share on Facebook and why. They reviewed 30,000 data points from 67 Facebook pages to gather the information, which we have compiled into a concise list of do’s and don’t’s for creating shareable posts.

Remember – no one sees every post from every page they’ve liked. Facebook bases what you see on past posts you’ve interacted with via EdgeRank, so if you want your fans to see your posts, they need to ideally click, comment on, like or share each post.

How to create shareable posts

  • Have an impact. To make a post shareable, it has to affect the viewer in such a way that they want to share the content with all of their followers. According to the study, a post has to do at least one of the following for this to happen:

What makes a post shareable?

Think about the benefits of your product to your target audience rather than the features. Your customers use these benefits to achieve their goals and dreams, so identify these dreams and use them as themes to develop ideas for Facebook posts. 

  • Monitor your Facebook Insights regularly to see how each post performs. Look at why a certain post performed well/badly and modify your future posts accordingly.  This is an ongoing process and it takes months of daily posts to discover what achieves great results with your specific audience. You never know your audience as well as they do, so test your content to find out what they respond most to. If a previous post has a high level of engagement, it might also be worth creating a new promoted post ad for longer-term promotion.  
  • Use visual promoted post ads. These can be a great way to reach a higher proportion of your fans than your competitors, and to attract new fans that are likely to interact with future posts. Try and have a mix of viral, fun content, with content that speaks to your core competency as a business. This is Facebook after all so don’t be afraid to use humor. Funny memes combined with messages that apply to your target audience work especially well, and just general inoffensive humor can be a great competitive differentiator…

Don’t overuse text though, as images in promoted post ads can’t contain more than 20% text. Download the PowerPoint by InfiniGraph for help on how to gauge images before posting them.

  • Keep it simple and go for one main type of interaction with each post. Successful posts are often highly shareable, likeable, conversational or better for lead generation by attracting clicks.  So before each post, decide which type of response you are after based on your goals.  Look back at your recent posts and have a think about how you can create posts that stimulate different responses to keep your content varied and interesting.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Don’t talk about yourself. Success stories and bragging may be ok in small doses, but your audience ultimately wants to know what’s in it for them. Very few people other than maybe your mum are likely to share your latest achievement.
  • Don’t be offensive. Your fans have family, friends, colleagues and bosses on Facebook, so while some of them might like a dark-humored post, they are not going to share it, because sharers do not want to look bad in front of their followers.
  • Don’t be too niche. A mainstream post will relate to a larger audience, so avoid subject matter that will only speak to a small proportion of your fans and their followers. The more generally appealing a post, the more shares it will generate.

It’s so snowy here, are we on the Ice Planet Hoth?

The most viral post found in the study engaged over 41,000 people even though the page that posted it had 10,000 fans. It was posted in February after the announcement that a big winter storm was on its way and it’s pretty damn funny even if you’re not big on Star Wars…


Whatever industry you’re in, Facebook marketing requires creativity. Boring posts need to be avoided at all costs because they don’t generate interaction and EdgeRank will consequently lower your overall post visibility. So get creative and don’t be afraid to take a risk!

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