Google Analytics reintroduces Benchmarking Reports

If you have been using Google Analytics for a while you might remember that in 2011 Google discontinued the tools Benchmarking Reports and Ad Planner. This made it difficult for advertisers to contextualise their marketing strategy against the competition without going directly to their AdWords rep.

Google recently announced that they are bringing Benchmarking Reports out of retirement. It allows advertisers to again compare their performance data with typical industry metrics including acquisition and engagement. Unfortunately it does not include keyword level data.

Advertisers can choose from over 1,600 industry categories from within seven size buckets; allowing you to select a relevant comparison for the size of your business. The benchmark data covers the following;

  • Channels such as organic search, paid search or email.
  • Location such as country, city or region.
  • Device such as mobile, desktop or tablet.

This data can be handily visualised using a heat map identifying areas that signify a possible growth area for your business.

Here is an example from the travel sector:


If you would like our help in updating your Analytics to give you up to date benchmarking data get in touch.