Google Analytics iOS app installation coming out of beta

Often the bane of app advertisers existence was the slim reporting options for iOS app installation through Google Analytics. Good news from Google Analytics as they have now released Google Analytics iOS app installation tracking out of beta and into their standard reporting suite.

Advertisers using platforms like AdMob, Aarki, Tapjoy and AdWords to promote installations for their iOS apps can now track their campaign performance within Google Analytics. The level of detail on offer will be similar to the current Analytics ecommerce tracking, the advertiser will be able to analyse which campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ad variations are driving the bulk of app installations. The reporting also allows you to track in app purchase revenues and user engagement metrics to further optimise your campaigns.


Some believe Google releasing this product is a knee jerk response to Apple’s recent announcement of ‘iTunes Connect’. This is an Apple service that allows app developers to track app usage, stickiness, installation sources and user retention metrics. The jury is out on which one of these products will dominate the app Analytics space, but the main selling point of Google Analytics is that you are now able to track all app types alongside your onsite metrics and it all comes in the user-friendly Google package that we all know and love.

Advertisers who are promoting Android apps will already be well aware of these reports; they have been available for Android devices for a long time. However seeing as iOS constitutes roughly 74% of total worldwide in app spend it is definitely not a channel that can be easily ignored.

If you need any guidance on advertising your app on Android or iOS and need help tracking your results, please get in touch.