Finding your way along the path to purchase

Today, the modern consumer uses an expanding combination of devices to browse, search, engage and shop.

The number of digital touchpoints on the path to purchase increases by on average 20% each year and we spend an average of 20 hours a week consuming content on these devices.

At the same time, many customers are offline at the all-important moment of purchase. According to a retail survey conducted by Rocket Fuel in March, although 90% of the general population researched their most recent retail purchase online, 26% bought it in-store.

Incorporating this into an omnichannel strategy is proving problematic for marketers. An Econsultancy report conducted in April found that the amount and complexity of touchpoints is perceived to be the most significant issue preventing organisations from gaining a better understanding of the customer journey, with over a third (35%) citing it.

Marketers need to focus less on each individual device and more on the person behind the device. The goal is to create brand awareness or drive conversions by showing the right ad to the right person at the right time. A unified view of your consumer will improve the performance of your campaign, whilst companies who aren’t effectively mapping touchpoints across both online and offline will continue to struggle.

Despite this, Econsultancy reports that only a minority of organisations are using a variety of methods for joining up online and offline customer journeys, such as loyalty schemes and point of sale data collection.

The success of any omnichannel strategy depends on companies collecting accurate data about customers across all touchpoints. With estimates that the web will influence half of offline sales by 2020, intelligence gained from offline experiences needs to be incorporated into online strategy. As it becomes increasingly evident that a more advanced understanding of the customer journey is needed to effectively optimise customer experience, the more progressive companies are now making offline channels a key battleground.

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