Facebook launch Analytics for Apps

You can now measure how people are using your iOS, Android or Canvas app using Facebook Analytics for Apps.

The free new service, launched last month at the F8 conference, gives marketers a web dashboard showing how many people are opening, engaging with and/or making a purchase using your apps.

As long as you have support for Facebook App Events coded into your app, you can start using the new service. If you don’t, it’s pretty straightforward to add any of the 14 built-in App Events, as well as custom events of your own.

The new analytics tool lets you see how people interact with your business across devices: for example, where a customer clicks an advert for your app on their phone, but then makes the final purchase on a tablet. This could help you choose where to serve adverts, based on the devices or platforms where the adverts were most influential.

  • Slice the analytics data by segments, cohorts and funnels, to gauge where targeted advertising and improvements to your apps will have a positive effect.
  • Build segments based on characteristics such as age, gender and device, or surrounding events users have triggered within the app.
  • Understand cohorts of people who performed a certain action in the same time period, to find out what connects their behaviour.
  • See funnels to help you analyse purchase flow; learn at what stage people drop off, as long as each step in the funnel corresponds with an App Event.

All of these features will help you optimise app performance and target the right audience more effectively.

Facebook Analytics for Apps also helps app developers and marketers see how their Facebook advertising could be improved, and the lifetime value of these ads for their apps. Marketers can also re-engage with people who have dropped off, through re-marketing on the Facebook platform.

Offering a free analytics app with this level of insight is a strong move from Facebook, who will be competing with Google and others to remain the most valuable service to marketers who want to reach new and existing customers online.

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