Email: from meeting place to marketplace

Over three quarters of UK adults now receive more emails from marketers than from friends and family, yet they’re checking their inboxes more and more: 99% of people check their inbox at least once a day according to a recent survey by Pure 360.

A typical user tends to check their inbox repeatedly, delete most new emails, read occasionally and check again. It’s as if people don’t want to miss something… but what are they looking for?

Well, three things apparently: temptation, relevancy and clarity.


People would rather be tempted than amused or informed. This is evidenced by the fact that two thirds of UK consumers are most likely to open an email with offers in the subject line.


Now this sounds pretty similar to ‘personalisation’ at first glance, right? The (pretty subtle) distinction here is that users go for subject lines that include topics that they’re interested in or brands they like, and have an aversion to marketing emails personalised based on demographic assumptions. Clear? Good.


Get to the point. More than a third of consumers declared overly familiar emails as ‘deal breakers’.

Beware the perils of over-personalisation

Driven by the social media boom, ‘personalisation’ is the current mode de jour. However, in the email marketing space, overly familiar, fluffy, friendly campaigns can come back to bite you.

Less than a fifth of consumers said that personalised content would prompt them to open an email or return to a brand.

email marketing - beware over personalisation

Furthermore, 38% of those surveyed said that they hate feeling like companies are stalking them via email. So be warned...

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