Econsultancy's Digital Cream: Cross Channel Marketing

By Rachael Clark

There were three main areas of discussion at this round-table - reattribution analysis, data management platforms (DMPs) and more effective ways to prioritise efforts in these areas.

Free attribution tools or paid? 

Everyone at the roundtable was at a different stages of their attribution journey but all we were all either using free tools or considering paid for solutions. Most used Google Analytics (GA) attribution analysis but none were at the point of deciding the right model to use or reporting on this new data. We discussed whether these off-the-shelf models were valuable or whether an algorithmic approach was more beneficial. We largely agreed that the latter provided a stronger approach but the challenge still remained around how to use this data. Some people were looking to use this information alongside the last interaction reports with reattributed figures to strengthen the case for different channels in the marketing mix. Others were looking to DMPs to help better understand and use this reattributed data...

How to use the data

The use of DMPs to make good use of the data was of differing importance for those around the table. For digitally focussed companies a DMP was a must and the ability to use the insight to feed into the marketing mix was either already happening or in the process of being launched. Others who have multiple data sources that filter into offline spoke of the growing complexity of DMP projects. The time taken to marry up these sources was a key consideration for those around the table. Other challenges discussed included feeding this data into marketing channels e.g. using this to dynamically serve content to users in real time on the most appropriate channel, based on their previous behaviour and predicted behaviour. The use of a DMP should be weighed up against time/cost vs effectiveness of having this in place.


Jeanne Rossomme's 'ease/output' matrix was a focus of this topic. In particular to assist those whose particular challenge to drive change came not as a result of technology or money but either establishing a DMP or maximising on internal relationships to deliver projects. 

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