Econsultancy's Digital Cream: Integrated Search

By Rachael Clark

I'll be honest; I had no idea what to expect from Digital Cream. I'm a client-side novice having spent seven years in the dark side of agency world (or am I in the dark side now?) before my move to Marie Curie six months ago. Never-the-less I was determined to throw myself in.

I signed up to Content Marketing, Cross Channel Marketing & Integrated Search. A mixed group of sector representatives at each, bringing interesting angles to the conversation. 

What is the future of search?

There were particularly interesting conversations on this table ranging from how users are integrating their search, what they feel ‘search’ encompasses and what the future holds for search. 

  • Using PPC copy learnings to inform SEO: translating top performing copy from PPC into meta descriptions was a successful tactic discussed to join up learnings between paid & organic
  • Bidding on brand terms: a common discussion and ultimately one rule does not fit all. What those around the table did agree on was understanding why users were searching your brand term should determine whether or not you bid on brand. E.g if 90% of users are searching your brand name to log in to their online banking, bidding on brand may not be a cost effective use of budget
  • Onsite search: ensuring your on-site search is part of your strategy, monitored to help improve content on your site and improve how users access what they need. It also identifies whether you need to make content more readily available
  • Impact of Google Play Search ads: interesting beta but the reason people search Google Play vs the Google search engine still differs greatly. Additionally, the volume of apps a user ultimately has on their phone/tablet will, in my opinion, limit volumes considerably in the short term with the main opportunity for scale coming from in-app advertising and push notifications for those who have pre-installed. It was felt that this is a development that once again favours the larger businesses with SMEs likely to struggle in this space if/when it gains traction
  • To search or not to search?: What Google will look like in 10 years time was an interesting topic of debate. Will search volumes decrease as a greater degree of predictive content is delivered to you as an individual based on your behaviour? Is this why Google is holding back their RLSA capability on their text offering as it will be too cost efficient & effectively reduce the volume of brands bidding on generics as they can target at an individual rather than keyword level? Do they first need to determine how they can tailor their ad offering to ensure no loss of revenue before enabling this advanced capability? Which comes first, consumer demand or a behemoth like Google making these advancements? I’d suggest the latter at this current stage – given we “Google it” rather than “Search it” identifies the power they have in shaping our consumer behaviour and I don’t see this changing too soon!

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