Ecommerce Technology Update

A recent survey of more than 600 ecommerce business professionals has explored the most important aspects of ecommerce functionality and integration as well as how companies rate the performance of their own ecommerce technology.

Here are the key findings:

1. Retailers are prioritising the mobile and tablet experience

35% of retailers rate their site's mobile experience as "poor" with 3 in 5 (59%) now likely to define mobile ecommerce as a ‘critical’ function, up 20% compared to last year.

2. Integration is becoming an essential basic requirement, rather than an opportunity for competitive advantage 

Whilst email database and CRM were the most commonly cited areas for integration, only 13% and 10% respectively said their ecommerce solutions integrate ‘very well’ with these areas which, in turn, runs the risk of damaging their brands and losing customers to competitors

3. Retailers are seeking better performing ecommerce technology

The number of companies replatforming because  has increased 50% in comparison to last year, driven by dissatisfaction with their system’s capabilities.

Mobile- supported ecommerce functionality, high-quality site search functionality and in-built SEO capabilities were considered to be the ‘critical’ capabilities of ecommerce platforms but only 20%, 16% and 16% respectively rated their solutions as ‘good’ in respect of this.

4. Brands are finding a convincing commercial case for moving from generic to personal digital experiences

Companies have reported 14% uplift in sales when they have introduced personalisation. Consumers increasingly expect their interactions with brands to be personalised to their specific need. Businesses have been using their customer CRM and behavioural data to help them create seamless ecommerce experiences.

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