Putting you in control of your Google Shopping campaign

In Paid Search, there is a veritable plethora of levers to pull and knobs to twist which allow you to control almost every aspect of your campaign. The cornerstone of this control system is the keyword, allowing you to choose which specific search terms you want your ads to appear against.  Google Shopping, however, is not so easily controlled; you simply provide Google with a product feed and hope that it will match it to the right queries. You can add negative keywords, but not positive ones.

One relatively simple technique partly circumnavigates this issue by funnelling queries into different campaigns using priority settings and negative keywords. This certainly puts some control back into your hands, but sometimes even more control is required at a more granular level.

That’s where Adwords scripts come in. One script effectively allows you to target exact positive keywords in your Google Shopping campaign, giving you a level of control closer to a standard Paid Search campaign.

The way this works is you create a Google spreadsheet (outside of the Adwords account) containing all of your exact positive keywords that you would like your Shopping ads to appear against. As queries arise, the script reads your spreadsheet and matches it against the queries in your campaign. If a query doesn’t match your spreadsheet, it is added as a negative and the query is excluded.

This script has allowed some advertisers to greatly increase their Return On Ad Spend. One advertiser reported a 61% improvement in ROAS. Not bad, eh? 

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