Google's Christmas and New Year search trends

Google’s most recent data analysis uploaded to their Google Analytics blog offers some insight into global Christmas and New Year holiday trends. The data analyses Session and Revenue data from a cross section of ecommerce websites anonymously pulled from Google Analytics for the last 3 years.

Their data suggests a trough in the week running up until Christmas where customers cut down on their online shopping. There are many factors that will affect this, most probable is that many savvy shoppers get their Christmas shopping done earlier with purse strings well and truly tightened on the run up to Christmas Day. In the week running up to Christmas people also don’t have any trust that the delivery will be made in time, or most websites may have already gone past their last order dates at this point.

Christmas Day and New Years day obviously prove to be the lowest days for sessions and transactions, because people have much better things to do than shop online. However it is strange to see that YoY the amount of online shopping searches are growing on these days. Technology is becoming more integral to users shopping decisions during this time. Sessions and revenue then increase on Boxing day to levels higher than the weeks prior to the Christmas period.

As expected a sharp spike can be seen in the first week of January which perfectly lines up with the increased sale offerings during this month. This is a trend that has gathered more momentum over the years.



w digital decided to compare these trends with our client portfolio data. The results are quite surprising. Although Google’s data suggests a large drop on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we noticed a large increase on Christmas Eve, which continued onto Boxing Day. There were also more pronounced spikes further into January which would be indicative of a sale or offer push. Email campaigns will play a large part in creating peaks in sessions and revenue, this will have been the driving force in the spikes into January.


A lot of retailers have been going into sale earlier and using more creative Email and Social campaigns to maximise the days that have historically been lower in search volumes – Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Understanding the seasonal trends in the wider market place as well as your individual vertical will help you to make the most of the festive period. Ensuring that you have a January sale or offer in place is very important as you can see from Google’s data.

If you would like any help to to prepare for the festive season get in touch!