Cathal Berragan's highlight talk at BrightonSEO

Since BrightonSEO, Cathal Berragan has been receiving due praise for delivering one of the highlight talks of the conference on his 20th birthday.

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From the age of 17, Cathal caught the attention of Koppaberg and Spotify for his ability to create content that engaged with thousands of followers. He now works as a Content Director and is the man behind the @MedievalReacts handle.

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Here are our key takeaways from his inspirational talk titled ‘lessons learned on the way to half a million twitter followers’:

·      The most successful content is entertaining, so keep it reactive and funny.  Make sure you’re in the know about what’s trending and avoid sounding forced or unnatural.

·      Your twitter profile shouldn’t look like a book. 47% of the most engaged brand content is imaged based, so the more visual the better.

·      If possible, have an in-house graphic team to ensure your company’s content is unique and of a professional standard. 

·      Instagram is the fastest growing platform today, so make the most of the channel with visually appealing content and effective hashtags.  Insta ads have also just become widely available - have a look at our blog post on how they can work for you.

·      The weekend is the most engaged time for social media. On Twitter for example, Tweets receive the most retweets on Sundays, however most brands only tweet on weekdays so it’s a great time to get ahead of the competition.

·      The most engaged community on Twitter is English football, so watch the footy and be reactive! This Tweet during Brazil’s thrashing against Germany in the World Cup last year remains one of Cathal’s most successful:

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For more information, check out our blog post on harnessing the power of Twitter in 2015, or for help with your social media strategy, please get in touch.