How to Prepare for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday (28 November) and Cyber Monday (1 December) are just around the corner, and it’s safe to say they are no longer exclusive to America. We might not have Thanksgiving, but we do love a bargain!

Last year sales grew 15% and 18% respectively Year on Year, and are expected to grow even more this year. UK retailers who don’t appreciate the significance of these dates will miss out.

Here we outline ways to maximise your sales on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.


Create a Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page… Now!

By creating a simple Black Friday and Cyber Monday landing page now allows more time to achieve higher page rankings and for Google and Bing to index them.

The same goes for content – you may wish to create content that helps shoppers choose great gifts or learn about sales to encourage customer engagement. By using the most relative keywords and building quality links will allow you to achieve higher rankings.

It’s important not to overlook the basics in giving your customers a great experience. They will still care about delivery costs, returns policies, particularly how they will work over the Christmas period. Give them peace of mind.

Make the most of email

What better place to start than your e-mail database that’s been growing all year. A considered, targeted approach will be accepted more favourably than a sales e-mail blast, so people receive offers they’re most likely to be interested in.

You may want to create an e-mail subscription form on your Cyber Monday and Black Friday landing page – incentivize visitors to do so with a 10% discount offer on their first order. This way you can keep bargain hunters in the know in the lead up to and also after the sales weekend. Welcome new subscribers and begin sending regular emails right away.

This is also an important opportunity to re-engage and incentivise existing customers on your database. You know what these customers have added to their cart or bought before, so target them again with relative products and offers.

Offer tempting discounts

Make sure you offer a temporary discount to avoid losing out to competitors or resellers who will. Apple, Amazon, Asda, John Lewis and ASOS are some of the big names taking part in the UK discounting days. John Lewis will be matching the prices of their competitors and laying on great value offers; Amazon will be offering time and quantity limited ‘lightning deals’ of some of their best products; and Asda will no doubt be discounting electronics again, after selling a month’s worth of televisions in 45 minutes last year.

Returns and exchanges are also a bigger concern to hesitant gift buyers, so fill visitors with confidence by offering extended refund or exchange periods until after Christmas, and make sure they are aware of this early on in their visit to your site.

Use clever Remarketing

People will be doing a lot of browsing on different stores and putting things into ‘shopping bags’ to compare prices, and with real intent to purchase. It’s not difficult to lose track of what sites you’ve been on and what offers you saw where so well-executed remarketing activities such as abandoned cart emails or dynamic remarketing can retrieve these browsers and turn them into customers.

Capitalise on Social Media

The run up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday is also a peak period for social media activity. This is the perfect opportunity to capitalise on the social media following you’ve built through the year, and to get social networks to take on some of your marketing effort cost-effectively or even for free!

Promoted posts, Facebook Ads or just using Twitter to communicate offers and encourage people to share information about your products and offers.

If you would like help preparing for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or the festive season please get in touch.