Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014 Uplift

We are just as over Christmas as you are – but, when VE Interactive recently released interesting data analysing the results of “Cyber Weekend” as it has come to be known, we couldn’t resist looking at our own portfolio to see if our data showed similar findings.

According to their stats, 2014 was the year Cyber Monday cemented itself in UK ecommerce, clocking high numbers of online sales, however, Black Friday was shown to have performed even better. Looking at the 2014 performance of their UK retail clients, the results were as follows:

  • Consumer Electronics: Black Friday sales up 12.3% on Cyber Monday.
  • Fashion Retail: Black Friday sales up 26.06% on Cyber Monday.
  • Specialty Retail: Black Friday sales up 20.91% on Cyber Monday.
  • Department Stores: Black Friday sales out done by Cyber Monday by 0.2%.
  • Home & Garden: Black Friday sales out done by Cyber Monday by 16%.

2013 figures showed that Cyber Monday ranked highest in sales for Fashion and Specialty Retail, while Black Friday wasn’t even on the radar – clocking just over half the amount of sales as on Cyber Monday. That’s constitutes a rather large shift in customer behaviour.

With the growth in e-commerce continuing, customers now expect the offers and deals available offline to be replicated online, and retailers, becoming increasingly aware of these pressures certainly aren’t inclined to sit back and make them wait.

Similar results were published by Econsultancy who reported 180m online visits to UK retail sites with an estimated spend of £810m on Black Friday. Online traffic was up by 60% year-on-year according to data from Experian and IMRG.

On Cyber Monday UK shoppers spent an estimated £720m, showing a slight slowing in pace compared to Black Friday, however data from Monetate shows that the number of visitors to online retailers went up by 11.8% year-on-year on Cyber Money, while total page-views rose by 38.1%. Conversion rates rose 5.3% compared to 2013, average revenue per session rose 7% in from 2013, while average order value on transactions was down by 1.9%.

In comparison, w digital’s portfolio showed very promising year-on-year results on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday;

Black Friday year-on-year uplift

  • Average order value up 31% 
  • £ per visit up 75% 
  • Conversion rates up 80%
  • Sessions up 41% 

Cyber Monday year-on-year uplift

  • Average order value up 21%
  • £ per visit up 117% 
  • Conversion rates up 81% 

Overall, Black Friday outperformed Cyber Monday on average order value by 17%, conversion rate by 2%, and new visitors by 6%, so the two days didn’t differ greatly in performance over the two days. Cyber Monday did outperform Black Friday for £ per visit by 11% and number of sessions by 4%.

Mobile & tablet

According to analysis carried out by IBM, over half of the UK’s entire online traffic on Black Friday came from mobile devices. Results showed 59.8% of all UK web traffic on Black Friday came from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

IBM also found that almost twice as much mobile web traffic came from smartphones than from tablets. Black Friday saw 39% from smartphones and 20% from tablets, while Cyber Monday saw 35 percent from smartphones and again 20 percent from tablets.

James Lovell, European retail solution leader at IBM, said that the figures indicate the growing influence of mobile devices on retail as a dominant channel. “Retailers must continue to optimise the mobile customer experience even further going into 2015, and ensure they are capturing the very rich customer interaction data that mobile devices provide.”

The shopping experience

While mobile-friendly merchants may have seen more spend from consumers, JDA highlighted that many UK shoppers didn’t have perfect online experiences this year. Nearly one in three shoppers reported problems, with 45% of these saying their deliveries were late or they never arrived.

Click & collect proved popular however, as 39% of British shoppers used the convenient services, many having a positive response to this delivery option. 34% of these shoppers said they would use these services more next Christmas.

If you would like support in developing your strategy for Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas 2015 please get in touch.