7 reasons we love the new Facebook Analytics for Apps

Launched at their F8 conference in March, Facebook’s new Analytics for Apps service is a free platform that helps marketers to understand how people are engaging with them through their apps. Here, we present seven reasons the tool is so awesome for marketers…

1.     You can see how users behave across devices

It’s not just about mobile. The new service helps you see how many people purchased on your website after installing the app on their phone, for example. This is incredibly useful data for gauging the value of your mobile advertising.

2.     You can analyse user demographics

Gain insights about who uses your app and who spends the most thanks to app engagement. With segments you can break down users by age, gender, location and device, as well as look for patterns in the most valuable users.

3.     You can see how groups behave over time

Cohorts, which are based on events but can be filtered by segment, let you see how groups of people behave over time. For example, how many people who downloaded the app on a certain day went on to purchase.

4.     You can view behaviour through the whole funnel

Where you log App Events, you can create steps in a ‘funnel’ – for example, from download to purchase. Understand how people move through your app, and where they drop off – and change your strategy accordingly.

5.     You can improve your app

With detailed conversion rate data, you can see where the ‘pain points’ are in the journey to purchase (or any other goals you set) and optimise the user experience to increase the number of sales or leads.

6.     You can measure and improve your app marketing

Measure the lifetime value of your app adverts in Facebook, thanks to cross-network attribution and campaign tools.

7.     You can re-target people who have dropped off

Re-market to people who have downloaded your app, and re-engage people who have dropped off.

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