3 ways to create engaging content

The modern audience wants high-quality content that they can really engage with. Whether you’re writing blogs, articles or landing pages to promote your business, the following 3 tips will inspire confidence and loyalty towards your brand. 



1.     Be useful not amazing!

As Jay Bauer outlines in his book ‘Youtility’, creating trust is key in an age of cynicism and competition. An effective way to do this is give practical and honest advice.

Bauer gives the example of an American swimming pool salesman, who when faced with declining sales, started blogging about the most frequently asked swimming pool questions, from the pros and cons of certain models to life expectancy. The result was a massive increase in sales because he was known in the area as the go-to man for honest and knowledgeable advice in his field.

Another example is the Dollar Shave Club, again in the US. They have started a blog answering personal and embarrassing questions relating to shaving and men’s health, giving consumers advice on things they don’t want to ask whilst instilling trust in the organisation.

By giving away something so useful and relevant that people would usually be willing to pay for, or by offering your customer help free of charge, you can effectively eliminate cynicism and replace it with loyalty.

2.     Develop real life stories.

Stories exert a power and a deep resonance with the reader in a way that other writing methods don’t.  A relevant life story allows your potential customers to project themselves onto the character in the story, thereby instantly connecting them to your brand.

A real customer, for example, explaining how they used your product or service and the types of successes they experienced as a result, will go a long way in fostering the customer relationship. With research constituting such a large part of the customer journey, recommendations from previous buyers through a relevant and engaging real life story will boost customer confidence and ultimately translate into sales.

3.     Keep your eyes peeled for inspiration.

When you need to write content, staring at a blank page can add pressure and lead to the dreaded writer’s block. To avoid this, constantly be on the lookout for inspiration in every book/article/story you hear/read. Is there any angle that could be spun or translated into something relevant and useful for your target audience? What are other people in your industry saying? What can you say that’s better that they’re not already talking about?

News reports, social media, comments on existing blog reports/articles etc. can all be great sources of inspiration. The free app ‘Pocket’ is a neat to way to store and categorise articles and online pieces to have a look at later when you need inspiration most. 

So there you have it; three ways to make sure your content is engaging with your target audience and inspiring confidence in your brand.

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