2 new ways to harness the power of Twitter in 2015

With 302m monthly active users, 46% of which use the social media platform at least once a day, Twitter is a veritable powerhouse. Harnessing this power by utilising the latest tools on offer will connect you to your target audience in a way that your competitors might not be

Event Targeting

As of last week, Twitter are launching an event targeting tool, that allows marketers to identify upcoming events that might be aligned with their target audiences and to build campaigns around them.

Major sporting events, for example, attract millions of Tweeters. The new tool will provide insights for each event to help you understand the audience associated with it, as well as the number of tweets and impressions the event has created in previous years. 

tour de france event summary

Having identified an event of interest, you can create campaigns around the event to engage with your target audience based on something that is both current and relevant.

Twitter Ads

According to Twitter, 70% of followers share your content for free by Retweeting it and 43% plan to make multiple purchases from the small and medium-sized businesses they follow.

Baring in mind that Twitter users shop online on average 6.9x per month, you can drive shares and purchases with every Tweet by growing your fan base.

Following other people in your industry and hashtagging appropriately are great ways to gain relevant fans without spending any money.

A Followers campaign is an effective next step. As a type of Twitter Ads campaign, it shares your business with a targeted audience in search results, their timelines and the who to follow section on Twitter.

You pay per follow acquired via the campaign, and once they follow you, there’s no formula preventing your new fans from engaging with every Tweet.

coffe tweet

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